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For 15+ years, we've been your local cleaning experts at New Park Cleaning. Count on us for exceptional service and a cleaner, greener future
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Dark haired woman cleaning a glass reception desk with glass cleaner and a cloth Total Defence products

Discover New Park Cleaning: Where Passion Meets Precision

🏡 Celebrating Our Professionals

Our dedicated cleaners aren't just employees; they're artisans who take pride in turning spaces into sanctuaries. Empowered with flexibility, they breathe life and happiness into every nook and corner, one room at a time.

🚀 Driven by Excellence

Feedback isn’t just a word for us; it’s our compass. Guided by your insights, our professionals continuously hone their skills, ensuring your spaces shine brighter with each visit.

📱 Stay in the Loop, On-the-Go

With our cutting-edge app, be in the driver’s seat of your cleaning journey. Get real-time updates, track your cleaner’s progress, and even peek into the transformed spaces through captured moments.

💬 Bridging Hearts, Building Community

At New Park Cleaning, we’re not just about spick and span spaces. By seamlessly connecting our cleaners with valued customers like you, we’re nurturing bonds and strengthening the fabric of our community. Experience a refreshing blend of professional diligence and personal touch. Join the New Park Cleaning family today!

Discover the superior residential and Commercial cleaning services that we provide.

To help you save time, money, reduce stress, and enhance your quality of life, we provide you with customised local cleaning services performed by highly qualified, licenced specialists.

We provide a variety of cleaning services for residential and commercial clients, including: Domestic, office, and business Cleaning:

Professional residential cleaning on an as-needed basis will help you maintain a clean, comfortable home. In addition, we provide one-time cleaning services for special events, such as after a party, moving, and more.

Commercial Cleaning: Professional business, office and commercial cleaning services that contribute to a clean, organised, and inviting atmosphere for your staff and clients.

Our team of professional cleaners is dedicated to providing you with the best possible cleaning service.

Count on an array of additional services, including House Keeping Services, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, laundry services, oven cleaning, and more.

Dark haired woman cleaning a glass reception desk with glass cleaner and a cloth Total Defence products

🌟 Dependable Excellence at Your Service

Seeking a cleaning ally who’s there when you need them? Look no further! At New Park Cleaning, we epitomise reliability. Offering bespoke cleaning solutions to local residents and businesses, our services range from basic household cleaning to intricate tasks like spot cleaning, window cleaning, and wall sanitising. Welcome into a realm where impeccable service and complete customer satisfaction are the norm.

🏢 Mastering the Art of Office Cleanliness

First impressions matter, and a sparkling office space speaks volumes. By choosing New Park Cleaning, you’re opting for professionals who understand the nuances of office cleanliness. Our insured, licensed experts ensure not just clean spaces but also peace of mind. We believe in tailored solutions; tell us your expectations, and we’ll craft a cleaning regimen just for you.

🏡 Home Sweet (And Spotless) Home

Life’s busy, and amidst the chaos, home cleaning can become an overwhelming task. That’s where New Park Cleaning steps in! Whether you're swamped with work or trying to balance family life, we've got your back. From deep-cleaning sessions to regular tidying up, we mould our services around your needs. After all, there's truth to the saying – a clean home truly is a happy home.

New Park Cleaning: Where Quality Meets Convenience

Don’t let the burdens of cleaning weigh you down. With New Park by your side, experience a seamlessly clean living. Connect with us today and let’s embark on a journey to a cleaner, brighter space!

Domestic, Office and Commercial Cleaners

Discover New Park Cleaning: Where Excellence Meets Home and Work

Welcome to a world where clean isn't just a state, but an experience. At New Park Cleaning, we don't just 'clean' – we transform spaces, both domestic and commercial, infusing them with freshness, vitality, and impeccable care.

Every Space, Every Need: Tailored Solutions Await

From the impressive heights of corporate high-rises to the cozy corners of homes, and the bustling energy of commercial centres to intimate office blocks – we've mastered the art of delivering bespoke services, tailored to your unique needs. Our contracts aren't rigid; they're designed around you, offering unparalleled flexibility. Over a journey spanning a decade and a half, we've evolved, expanded, and entrenched ourselves in the ethos of the UK's cleaning landscape. Today, our footprint covers most of the UK, but our heart remains in providing a 'local touch' – ensuring you get a service that feels close to home, irrespective of where you are.

New Park Cleaning – Crafting Cleanliness, Curating Comfort.

Man hoovering up an office near desks
Dark haired woman cleaning a glass reception desk with glass cleaner and a cloth Total Defence products

Adaptive Cleaning Solutions for Modern Challenges

In a world rapidly reshaped by Covid19, navigating business operations demands agility and attentiveness. At New Park Cleaning, we don't just offer cleaning; we offer customised solutions that seamlessly weave into your business dynamics. Your unique needs shape our approach, and as guidelines evolve, so do our strategies – ensuring your space remains both immaculate and secure.

Entrust your space to professionals who don't just understand cleaning but grasp the nuances of ever-shifting regulations. Armed with the latest training and fortified with the right PPE, our professional cleaning team approaches every task with precision and responsibility, ensuring that safety isn't just a goal – it's a guarantee. While our services set the gold standard for cleanliness, we believe in empowering our clients even further. Dive into our extensive range of protective and cleaning products available for wholesale purchase. Curated with care, these essentials are designed to fortify your environment and provide the peace of mind you deserve. Explore our online shop and take the next step towards comprehensive protection.

Elevate Your Cleaning Experience with New Park Cleaning

Crafted with love and care for your home and the world we inhabit, New Park Cleaning Services is your passport to a safe and pristine living space. Bid adieu to harsh chemicals and toxic residues.

We employ cutting-edge techniques to breathe life into your carpets, upholstery, and more, ensuring they radiate purity without compromising on safety. Our select products stand as a testament to quality, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones and furry companions. Let our team of dedicated professionals delve into the details, transforming every corner of your home to a haven of freshness. And the best part? Premier quality comes at a price you’ll love. So, if it's a seamless, safe, and sparkling clean you desire, look no further than New Park Cleaning.

Beyond Construction: A Fresh Start

Every construction project, be it a home makeover or a commercial endeavour, marks a new chapter. But it also leaves behind a tale of dust, debris, and more. While you might be tempted to take on post-construction cleaning single-handedly, there’s a world beyond just broom sweeps. Hand over the aftercare to us. From the obvious to the overlooked, we ensure your space doesn't just look clean; it feels brand new. Opt for professional expertise and save yourself time, energy, and potential costs down the road.

Ready to step into a spotless, refreshed space? Reach out to New Park Cleaning – where every clean is a step towards perfection.

Man hoovering up an office near desks
Dark haired woman cleaning a glass reception desk with glass cleaner and a cloth Total Defence products

Punctuality Meets Precision: New Park Cleaning's Promise

Time is of the essence, and at New Park Cleaning, we don’t just respect it – we champion it. We understand the essence of timely commitments. When you book with us, you're not just scheduling a service; you're investing in punctuality, professionalism, and perfection. Gone are the days of clock-watching and waiting. With us, punctuality isn't a bonus; it's a given.

Bespoke Cleaning for Every Corner

Heralded as a trusted local cleaning beacon, our repertoire of skills stands unparalleled. From a thorough one-time spruce-up to consistent upkeep, we mould our offerings to suit your exact specifications. Our seasoned brigade, armed with expertise and enthusiasm, is steadfast in its mission to transform spaces into sanctuaries of cleanliness.

Searching for the paramount in local cleaning services? The answer lies at New Park Cleaning. We're not just a service; we're a promise.

Diverse Packages, Singular Excellence

At New Park Cleaning, options abound but excellence remains constant. Whether it's a periodic clean or a tailored maid service you're after, our bouquet of packages ensures there's something fitting for everyone. Navigating the cleaning landscape has never been easier – simply pick, book, and bask in the brilliance of a meticulously cleaned abode.

Your quest for the ultimate cleaning and maid service ends here. Welcome to New Park Cleaning – where every service is a masterstroke of excellence.

Deep Clean - A Fresh Beginning

Ever felt the need for an intensive, meticulous clean? Dive deep with our transformative one-time service. Beyond the realms of regular tidying, our deep cleaning illuminates every nook and cranny, best suited for homes untouched for a month or when you're marking the start in a new dwelling. Wish for a glance inside the kitchen cabinets or a pristine interior of your appliances? From erasing scuff marks to gleaming window interiors, consider it done. Unsure about your needs? Reach out, and we'll curate the perfect cleaning itinerary for you.

Tailored Cleaning Excellence with a Local Touch

In the sprawling landscape of cleaning, New Park stands distinct, offering an array of services meticulously tailored to your unique needs:

  • Spotless Airbnb turnover
  • Immaculate janitorial services
  • Eco-friendly green cleaning
  • Furniture revival
  • Sparkling appliance detailing
  • Pristine laundry solutions
  • Radiant fixture cleaning
  • ...and so much more!

Recognising the diversity in cleaning needs, we craft each service as an ode to your specific requirements. And while our offerings are vast, our promise is simple - unparalleled quality, every time. For a cleaning experience that resonates with professionalism, reliability, and affordability, make New Park Cleaning your trusted choice. Whether you're seeking an estimate or simply wish to explore our services, drop us a message or fill in the first three questions on our booking form for a swift quote.

Man hoovering up an office near desks
Dark haired woman cleaning a glass reception desk with glass cleaner and a cloth Total Defence products

Seamless Online Booking, Unparalleled Cleaning

In the rapid rhythm of modern life, making a call to schedule cleaning services can feel like an added chore. Why wait on hold or compare endless options? Dive into a seamless booking experience with New Park Cleaning. With a few intuitive clicks, you can view our competitive prices, select the perfect service for your needs, and schedule a convenient time slot. No fuss, no delays, just instant, transparent booking.

Curious about a quote? Simply:

  • Choose your desired service.
  • Detail the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Highlight any extra services.
  • It's that easy! See your price and estimated cleaning hours right away.

Reimagine Clean with New Park

A clean environment isn't just about aesthetics; it's an experience. It's the calm in your mind, the ease in your day, and the energy in your step. But where to begin? Decluttering and organising might feel overwhelming, but not with us by your side.

Your Space, Tailored Cleaning

At New Park Cleaning, we recognise that every home, every family, is unique. We're not just about cleaning; we're about creating spaces that reflect you. We dive deep, helping declutter and organise, transforming your home into a sanctuary of serenity. While the challenge might seem huge, with our professional touch, your path to a pristine and harmonious environment becomes refreshingly simple.

Effortless Transition with New Park Cleaning's Move-Out Cleaning

The chapter closes as you prepare to move out, and what better parting gesture than leaving behind a spotless space? From gleaming windows to polished floors, ensure your apartment or home is as impeccable as the day you moved in.

🏠 Comprehensive Move In/Out Package:

Dive into our all-inclusive cleaning package, meticulously curated for your moving needs. It covers every corner, right from those often-missed scuff marks on baseboards to the interiors of your kitchen appliances.

Kitchen: The Heart of Every Home

Let New Park Cleaning revive the vibrancy of your kitchen. Our detailed cleaning encompasses everything, from scrubbing away the memories of meals past on stovetops, ovens, and range hoods to ensuring your fridge and dishwasher gleam anew. Cabinets, drawers, and appliance exteriors – nothing escapes our expert touch.

Bathroom: Sparkling and Fresh

Bathrooms tell tales, and we ensure they narrate only of spotless elegance. We delve deep, rejuvenating toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers, while ensuring mirrors reflect perfection, and every cabinet and floor space feels the embrace of our thorough cleaning.

Living Area: A Fond Farewell

As the final curtain drops on your stay, we lavish your living spaces with care. Dusting, vacuuming, window washing, and ensuring every nook and cranny is pristine. Furniture, too, is left unblemished, and we meticulously check under and behind each piece.

A Seamless Goodbye with New Park Cleaning

Transitions can be challenging, but your move-out cleaning shouldn't be. Trust in New Park Cleaning to ensure a flawless handover, paving the way for the next resident to begin their own cherished chapter.

Man hoovering up an office near desks
Dark haired woman cleaning a glass reception desk with glass cleaner and a cloth Total Defence products

Effortless Standard Cleanliness, Just Around the Corner

Seeking a no-fuss cleaning solution that's local and reliable? Look no further. New Park Cleaning is here to redefine 'standard' with our exemplary cleaning services.

🏠 Essential Cleaning, Exceptional Results:

Dive into our standard cleaning offering that encompasses everything - from dusting those forgotten nooks to breathing life into your floors with mopping and vacuuming. But, why stop there? Elevate the freshness with our special floor and carpet cleaning add-ons.

Tailored To Your Abode:

Your home is unique, and so should be its cleaning regime. Whether it's a grand mansion with gleaming hardwood echoing the footfalls of many, or a cosy apartment with soft carpets treading quiet moments, we've got you covered. From assessing your space to gauging the foot traffic, we curate cleaning solutions just for you.

A Meeting between Simplicity and Excellence with New Park Cleaning:

Keeping your home pristine doesn’t have to be complicated. Trust New Park Cleaning's standard services for a home that radiates cleanliness and charm, consistently.

🌟 Peace of Mind with Every Sweep

The perpetual dance of tidying up often feels endless. Just as one mess is cleared, another seems to appear. Break free from the cyclical battle with grime and clutter by entrusting your sanctuary to New Park Cleaning.

🏡 A Transformation Beyond Cleanliness

At New Park Cleaning, we believe in more than just cleaning spaces; we rejuvenate them. Our expertise doesn’t end at scrubbing and dusting. We partner with you to design a tailored cleaning journey that aligns with your life rhythm, ensuring your home not only shines but also sustains its gleam.

🌿 Reclaim Your Time, Revel in Serenity

Imagine a home that remains immaculate without you lifting a finger, gifting you back time to indulge in your passions, or simply relax. With New Park Cleaning by your side, this isn’t a distant dream, but an everyday reality.

Dive into a Fresh Tomorrow with New Park Cleaning

Bid adieu to constant upkeep and embrace a lifestyle of simplicity and leisure. Reach out to New Park Cleaning today and set foot on the path to an effortlessly radiant home.

Man hoovering up an office near desks
Dark haired woman cleaning a glass reception desk with glass cleaner and a cloth Total Defence products

🌆 Effortless Home/Flat Brilliance

When your space craves meticulous attention, New Park Cleaning stands as your dependable partner. Our methodical approach, coupled with state-of-the-art tools, ensures a seamless transformation of your living space. Why juggle the nuances of cleaning when you can unwind and watch us elevate your surroundings?

🍃 Equipped with the Best, Delivering Excellence

Our commitment to excellence reflects in our choice of equipment. From top-tier vacuum cleaners to eco-friendly cleaning solutions, our arsenal is carefully curated for optimal results. With New Park Cleaning, it’s not just about cleanliness; it’s a celebration of your cherished space.

📅 Consistent Clean on Your Terms

Desire the refreshing touch of a familiar face with each cleaning? With our recurring cleaning options, consistency is our promise. Whether it's a weekly refresher, a bi-weekly gleam, or a monthly transformation, we have a plan tailored for you.

Your Sanctuary, Our Dedication

Every home and office is unique, deserving a personalised touch. Our adaptive cleaning plans cater to your specific needs, ensuring a pristine environment without infringing on your budget or time. Entrust us with the grime, and relish the newfound moments of serenity. Dive into a world where cleanliness complements comfort. Get in touch with New Park Cleaning and experience the difference today!

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