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Professional Laundry Services

Laundry Cleaning

Simplicity, Luxury, and Convenience Combined

Picture this: After a tiring day, you return not just to a home that gleams with cleanliness but also to a closet filled with freshly laundered, crisply folded clothes. At New Park Cleaning, we’ve made this dreamy scenario a tangible reality for many. While we meticulously clean every corner of your living space, we also take your laundry, care for it in our dedicated facility, and return it in pristine condition. Why juggle chores when we can handle them all?

Laundry Service with Unparalleled Precision

Our commitment is to the integrity and longevity of all cherished garments. Each customer's laundry receives individualized attention in our advanced laundry facility. We are not just cleaning your clothes; we are ensuring they look and feel their best, each time, every time.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our specialized laundry service complements our home cleaning beautifully, offering you an all-encompassing cleaning solution. While it's a delightful add-on to home cleaning, we understand that sometimes you might just need laundry done. Feel free to discuss standalone laundry services anywhere with us. The best part? There's absolutely no requirement for an in-house laundry setup.

Press, Dress, Impress!

As part of our premium service, we proudly offer ironing for up to 20 garments. Wear your clothes with pride knowing they've been treated with professional care, ensuring they’re wrinkle-free and ready to impress.

New Park Cleaning Difference: Seamless Home Cleaning and Premium Laundry Care under One Roof.