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Professional In-House Laundry Cleaning

Laundry Cleaning (Inhouse)

Simplify Your Life with Our All-in-One Service

Imagine a world where, after a long day, you come home to not only a sparkling clean space but also freshly laundered clothes, perfectly folded and put away. With New Park Cleaning, that dream becomes a reality wherever you are. We merge the finesse of home cleaning with the meticulous care of laundry service. It's time to bid farewell to those laundry woes and relish in the luxury of professionally cleaned clothes.

Expert Hands, Exceptional Care

We understand that every piece of clothing holds sentimental and monetary value. Our team comprises of local skilled professionals who treat each garment with the utmost respect, ensuring that the integrity of your fabrics remains intact. Your laundry isn't just another chore for us; it's a testament to our commitment to enhancing your living experience.

Seamless Integration with Home Cleaning

Our laundry offering is the perfect companion to our stellar home cleaning services. As we revitalise your living spaces, we simultaneously tend to your clothes. However, please be informed that our laundry service is exclusively available alongside our home cleaning – it's our way of providing a holistic cleaning experience for all our service users.

Simple Prerequisites for a Flawless Laundry Service

To avail of our laundry service, kindly ensure that:

  • There's an accessible laundry room in the building or a washer/dryer in your apartment.
  • Detergent and fabric softener are provided for our use.
  • Do remember, while our laundry prowess is vast, ironing is not included in our offerings.

New Park Cleaning: Where Home Cleaning Meets Laundry Mastery.