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About Us

Discover New Park Cleaning: Where Excellence Meets Home and Work

Welcome to a world where clean isn't just a state, but an experience. At New Park Cleaning, we don't just 'clean' – we transform spaces, both domestic and commercial, infusing them with freshness, vitality, and impeccable care.

Every Space, Every Need: Tailored Solutions Await

From the impressive heights of corporate high-rises to the cozy corners of homes, and the bustling energy of commercial centres to intimate office blocks – we've mastered the art of delivering bespoke services, tailored to your unique needs. Our contracts aren't rigid; they're designed around you, offering unparalleled flexibility.

15 Years of Trust and Transformation

Over a journey spanning a decade and a half, we've evolved, expanded, and entrenched ourselves in the ethos of the UK's cleaning landscape. Today, our footprint covers most of the UK, but our heart remains in providing a 'local touch' – ensuring you get a service that feels close to home, irrespective of where you are.

A Symphony of Services – Beyond Cleaning

At New Park Cleaning, our prowess isn't limited to mere cleaning. Dive into our suite of services that promise comprehensive care:

From carpets that need tender love to floors yearning for a sheen.
From washrooms seeking sanitisation to spaces in need of janitorial supplies.
From the intricate task of waste management to the daily chore of laundry.
Our team, armed with expertise and dedication, ensures that every task, every corner, and every request is handled with unmatched professionalism.

The New Park Cleaning Commitment

Uniform Excellence: Whether it's your home, your office, or your commercial space – expect the same gold standard of service.
Comprehensive Solutions: With our extensive range of offerings, consider all your cleaning and maintenance needs sorted.
Trusted Expertise: Fifteen years isn't just a number; it's a legacy of trust, transformation, and tireless dedication.
Step into a world where cleanliness complements comfort, where precision meets passion, and where every service is a testament to our commitment. Join the New Park Cleaning family and let's create spaces that don't just look clean but feel revitalised.

Our Services

Professional House and Office Cleaning, Professional Construction, Industrial, Medical, and Educational Services Cleaning, includes skilled deep cleaning, heat treatment, and chemical cleaning for floors and carpets, After Builders settings, and upscale upholstery.

We promise that New Park Cleaning uses only the highest-quality, certified materials, and that our equipment conforms to the most recent technological advances and industry norms, which translates to high quality standards for our services.

Our primary objective is to execute every job to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

New Park Cleaning aspires to be one of the top local cleaning service providers, and we do it by striving to satisfy all of our clients' needs, doing the assigned duties fully and competently, and cleaning your house or workplace.

Our staff is subject to specialised training and skills development in order to meet our stringent requirements. Our staff is pleasant and eager to assist you during your visit.

Obviously, hygiene is crucial to our health. Thousands of allergies and microorganisms populate our environment. For the sake of our health, it is crucial that we maintain a clean environment in our home. At New Park Cleaning, we pay close attention to the smallest cleaning details. Our motto is "excellent service - pleased customers." In order to maintain a healthy environment and a home setting where it is enjoyable to rest, regular cleaning is necessary. Let New Park Cleaning handle the cleaning of your residence.

New Park Cleaning delivers the most competitive costs and highest quality service. The company and its employees are fully insured. New Park Cleaning offers discounts on its other services to all of its loyal clients.

New Park Cleaning – Crafting Cleanliness, Curating Comfort.